Pepa and Michael are a Mexican-German nomad couple who have lived in too many places and almost felt at home (London, Berlin, Barcelona, Frankfurt, New York and now Mexico City) in order not to doubt that somewhere finally will be home. 

Pepa studied architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and finished her academic career at the Architectural Association in London, where she also taught summer class. She went on to work at Zaha Hadid Architects, London. Before founding Feltum she joined forces with Michael in the restoration of architecturally sensitive buildings from the modernist period in Germany.

Michael started studying architecture at the Technical University of Darmstadt before being convinced that it was a better idea to study finance in New York. After 15 years in money management on Wall Street he managed to get back to his original path, studying architecture at London Metropolitan University during which period he got to know Pepa. Both practiced the redevelopment of historically important buildings in Germany before launching Feltum.

Favourite places: Watching dolphins swim by the house in Punta Perula. The chapel garden in San Angel. Tiergarten in October when the leaves turn red. Brunch at the Noho Star.

Drinks: German liquors especially 47 Monkeys Gin, Slyrs Whiskey and the wines from Palatinate (in our opinion the most innovative wine region in Europe).

Mutual favourits:

Artist: Gerhard Richter

Architect: Peter Zumthor

Contemporary writer: Haruki Murakami

Most influential thinker: Joseph Campbell